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Azteca Faucet Ethereum

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0xbBA9C5100D17f1d4471575Ab256511E43ec8A0aC4 satoshi
0xbBA9C5100D17f1d4471575Ab256511E43ec8A0aC7 satoshi


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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital platform with which it is possible to create various decentralized applications..

What is Azteca Faucet?

It is a website dedicated to the knowledge of the world of cryptocurrencies in particular to the business models known as faucets, which are sites where we can earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies, for free. I am the Aztec warrior and from Mexico I present my faucets, enjoy your earnings.

How much can i claim?

the reward of the faucet depends on the market price of cryptocurrencies, which is subject to change, but we try to maintain stable payments according to our advertising earnings, this will allow us to keep our site online

How are my earnings paid?

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